1. Harsh Agarwal Aka Blogging Gaint!

    There is no chance, if someone is in the digital marketing space hasn’t visited shoutmeloud. I’m aware of harsh from 2017 I guess. I learned blogging basics, fixing 500 errors or whatnot from his blogging network.

    I’d love to add one more thing that I learned from Harsh, He doesn’t want someone to have a loss from his deeds.

    1. Hello Shehraj,

      You are right, His Blog is too helpful. And let me know what point you wanna me to add more. I will do it.


  2. Hi Pravakar,
    I absolutely admit the above mentioned points. Even, I did some mistakes in the initial days like not building lists and irregular publishing.
    One more thing that I like the most is looking for multiple sources of income. I made this mistake in starting by targeting only Adsense. Thankfully, got to know about Affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for sharing the article.
    Nitin Dabas

  3. This content must have countless shares including mine. Best content on harsh agrawal with very sweet answers and words.

    Loved it

    1. Hi Siddhit,

      I am glad you liked the article and thankyou for your kind words.

      Digital Pravakar!

  4. Hi Pravakar

    This is really an amazing post, a lot to learn from Harsh Agrawal.

    Thanks for sharing such good insights about him and his blogging journey.

    1. Hello Amit Sir,

      I am so lucky to have a reader like you. Thanks for your motivating comment.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Digital Pravakar!

  5. This post is very helpful

  6. Great one Pravakar,

    Harsh Agarwal is definitely an inspiration for all the people who are in the blogging field. I also learned many Blogging and SEO tips from his blog.

    Thank you covering this awesome topic.

    1. Hi Atanu Bro,

      Yes, Harsh Agrawal is inspiration for many of us. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your lovely feedback.

      Your friend,
      Digital Pravakar!

  7. You are always an inspiration for new bei.

    I want to know more about your table of content.
    How to make it like yours.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hello Pravakar,

    You have written a full-packed article! From this article, I have learned many things! Keep creating this type of content, and this is a very informative article.

    I learned so many things from ShoutMeLoud.com, and it’s my first learning school for blogging.

    Thank you so much for writing this article!

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Thanks for your lovely Comment. Glad you loved reading the article.
      Sure, will publish more in future.

      Digital Pravakar!

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